KAWASAKI 900 Z1A 1974 n° 03619x




Here is a very exceptional Kawasaki 900 Z1A with original and certified 8 000 miles from the origine.

The serial number is # 036 197 and the build date was 02/74, making it a Z1A (production of the Z1A series started summer 1973).

Originally sold in U.K., this is a two owners bike with a known history.

This bike has been fully restored in 2015 and dressed with a new ’73 green/yellow tankset (European colors) according to the owner choice.




The bike is in brand new condition with new equipments :

* 4×4 chrome exhausts pipes + mounting kit

* 19’ DID front wheel + spokes, 18’ DID rear wheel + spokes

* chrome IKON rear shocks

* complete seat

* gauges + indicator panel

* chrome front and short rear fender, chrome grabtail

* complete headlight and brackets

* complete taillight

* turn signals

* electric switches + handgrips

* handlebar + chrome bolts

* foot pegs (front and rear)

* front caliper, brake line, pipes and master-cylinder

* K81 TT100 Dunlop tires

* Yuasa battery




Original ’74 refurbished carbs with new Keyster kits, T connectors and intake pipes.

Full controlled and refurbished engine :

  • controlled crankshaft
  • controlled complete gear box
  • new pistons and rings
  • bored and resurfaced cylinders
  • complete refurbished and resurfaced head
  • new valves, seals and guides
  • new reinforced cam chain + idlers + tensioner
  • big oil pump





All engine components (crankcase, cylinder, head) blasted, black high temperature painted and baked.

Head cover and front fork legs black painted according to the owner choice.

Reinforced, controlled and powdered repainted frame (high glossy black) and all black metallic parts.

New bearings (swingarm and steering).New other parts list :

* complete tankset with emblems, tankcap, side covers and rear fender cover

* rear inner fender

* front fork inner tubes, caps, chrome clips, chrome bolts

* mirrors

* clutch level and front brake level

* complete wiring set

* ignition coils

* ignition switch (2 keys)

* airbox

* rear brake pedal

* gear change pedal

* kickstarter pedal



New cables (clutch, carbs, tacho, speedo), clutch discs and springs, rear chain kit, filters, spark plugs, brakes paddles.

Complete rebuilt front fork : inner tubes, springs, dustboots, caps, oil.

Bike is now registered in France.As far as riding goes, this 900 KAWASAKI starts readily, runs cool, accelerates energetically, stops straight and true.

It has a wonderful feel, light and powerful, and very easy to maneuver.

There is really nothing to do but the next normal services and polish the alloy and chrome to show standard.






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